Stock Market Course

The whole inventory marketplace path is a nicely tailor-made buying and selling path allowing the gaining knowledge of of a sturdy buying and selling technique and offer basis for expertise of the way a inventory marketplace functions.

The Complete inventory marketplace path specializes in intensive evaluation of using numerous tools, strategies and whole expertise approximately the functioning of the inventory marketplace. The path specializes in simplifying understanding approximately numerous economic units like Equities, Currencies, Mutual funds, IPO’s and Derivatives.

This path is an excellent combo of numerous evaluation on the way to assist you recognize and select the proper inventory and offer a sensible expertise approximately the perfect access and go out timing and intensive gaining knowledge of approximately charges of inventory through viewing charts. This path will offer you with right steerage so you can also additionally take the proper selection concerning investment.


The Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis Course is a well-suited trading course that allows you to learn a solid trading methodology and provides a foundation for understanding fundamental analysis and understanding trading patterns, trading tactics. trading, trading psychology and money making techniques. The course is scientifically structured to help participants understand basic concepts and terminologies related to the capital market and their application to investing in stocks. It is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the art of trading.


The objective of the course is to provide the student with a theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the stock market. So that a student can have an academic basis in the stock market and can also use and apply the same in the practical area of ​​wealth building.

The course helps you analyse the actions and the correct time of entry and exit from shares. Also helps you understand why and how the market is moving, determine the risk involved in investing and trading stocks. So, you can select the perfect trading style that suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

The full stock market course aims to cover the following topics; Capital market structure, risks and rewards of investing in stocks, mutual funds, currency markets, portfolio management, macroeconomic analysis, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and strategies for derivatives market.

Technical and fundamental analysis

The aim of the course is to provide an in-depth view of the technical, strategic and statistical analysis of the market, so that you can understand how the income statement and the balance sheet can be combined and analyzed accordingly.

 Fundamental analysis focuses on providing knowledge about macroeconomics, sector analysis, and other qualitative factors, and technical analysis teaches you trading psychology, trading strategy, and technical analysis of stocks. Fundamental and technical analysis covers all information related to trading, portfolio management, in terms of practical and theoretical knowledge related to the stock market.

The course covers the range of subjects; Technical analysis, classic chart models and gap theory, Candlestick and Heiken Ashi models, indicators and oscillators – less is more, art of using Fibonacci, practical use of trading software, definition of trading strategies – trend following , Swing and Contrarian, Position Sizing and Money Management Techniques, Psychology of Successful Traders, Equity Margin Trading Advantage, Fundamental Analysis and Equity Research, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and SWOT Analysis, Fundamental Analysis Factors , balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, practical example of income statement and important part of the annual report


Students who register for the course will be ready to take the NSE exam with the knowledge we have gained. Students will receive a query section about a student’s doubts about the course, with full support from online teachers. The course offers mock tests after each session to its students during the course period, so that they can better learn and understand the subject in a simpler and more systematic way.

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