Advance strategies of stock market


The Advanced Stock Strategy Course is a well-suited course in the commodities and derivatives markets that allows you to learn a solid trading methodology and provides the foundation for understanding how a derivatives market works and the raw materials. The course aims to provide knowledge on how the commodity market works and involves in trading.

The course provides an overview of the various practices related to the clearing, settlement, and delivery of goods and the various legal and regulatory frameworks by which the commodity market is controlled. The Advanced Commodity Strategy course is designed for anyone wishing to gain exposure to the commodities and derivatives market.

Learn the art of making money consistently & more importantly the art of not losing money in adverse situations using the best adjustment and firefighting strategies devised by top Trader


We are not just another joint venture offering financial stocks and prizes. Our vision is to take your knowledge to a whole new level. To make this possible, we use our industry experience and the application of the best technologies to make learning practical, efficient and affordable for everyone.

 The courses we offer are designed to provide unparalleled skills and thus benefit our students.
The course aims to provide the student with a simplified knowledge of the complexity linked to the commodities and derivatives market.

The course also enlightens the student on how to manage the risk linked to the commodity market through hedging techniques.

In addition, the course also covers the various trading and operating mechanisms related to the commodity market. The course aims to cover the following topics relating to the commodities market; Commodity derivatives: meaning and motives, international commodity trading, commodity futures in India and related regulation, economic benefits of commodity futures, commodity information traded on MCX, market operations forex: negotiation, clearing and settlement mechanism, delivery mechanism, price risk management: Hedging strategies using commodity futures, trading strategies: arbitrage and spread, fundamental analysis: precious metals/energy products, introduction to options and options strategies, fiscal and accounting issues on the commodity market and demonstration of the trader’s workstation


The course is structured to provide knowledge about the commodities and derivatives market through exams and various quizzes. Those who register for the course will receive knowledge and experience from us on a practical basis.

 Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to participate in various webinars held in the commodities and derivatives market.

Additional email queries and online support for teachers are also available in case they require any support related to the commodities and derivatives market.

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