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Elite Day Traders

The Ultimate Day Trading Strategy & Mentoring Program

Learn to Day Trade Professionally

The Elite program is made for day traders looking for a complete package. Master our advanced day trading strategies, learn from our trade recap videos, see what we trade and how, get mentored by professional traders, join a community of like-minded traders, dive into our live day trading chatroom and get real results.

A look behind the scenes

In this short video, we show you what to expect once you enroll in the Elite Mentoring program.

Learn how we make up to:

1500 USD per trade in less than 3 hours a day

Our Elite day trading strategy requires only around 3 hours a day so that you can still day trade profitably, even if you have a busy life and not much time.

We guide you step-by-step on how to set up your day trading for success.

Elite Day Trader Program Includes

Live Day Trading Chat Room

Exchange trade ideas with our day trading community in real-time and grow together.

You join a group of like-minded day traders from all around the world and accelerate your learning.

Our community holds you accountable and helps you reach your trading goals.

Advanced Day Trading Strategy

Every Elite Day Trader gets access to our advanced strategy video course. We explain our trading strategy step by step.

With dozens of trade studies, you will learn our day trading methodology in no time.

You also receive regular updates with new videos, additional trade studies and advanced day trading tips.

We show you how we make up to 1500 USD per trade in just 3 hours per day.

Lifetime Course Access

Every Elite Day Trader gets lifetime access to our advanced strategy video course.

You will also get lifetime updates to all new videos that are released to the day trading course.

Plus, you get access to our live chatroom and live webinars for 2 years.

After 2 years, you can renew your chatroom and webinar access for just 8 USD per month.

100% New

We don’t teach regular price action or classic technical analysis. Our Elite day trading strategy used advanced concepts that will help you find the best day trades every day.

All videos from the course are brand new, have never been shared anywhere else and the day trading strategy is 100% unique.

Strategy Course Outline:

  • Introduction and course overview
  • Expectation management
  • Time to implement the Elite program
  • Tools used in this course
  • Concepts and keywords
  • Elite day trading strategy chart setup
  • Essential tools
    •    Daily open
    •    Bar highs and lows
    •    Session highs and lows
    •    Asia session midline
    •    This week’s high and low
    •    Effect of round numbers
    •    ADR for day traders
  • Support and Resistance for day traders
  • Supply and Demand explained
  • Throughs and Buckets
  • Liquidity gaps
  • Handling economic releases as day traders
  • Tradable pattern introduction
  • M and W patterns
    • M and W fakeouts
    • M and W pullbacks
  • Square Roots
  • Turtle Soups
  • Triple Tap
  • Quasimodo
  • Drive-Pattern-Drive
  • Advanced Head and Shoulder concepts
  • Break and retest adaptation
  • Triangle continuation and fakeouts
  • Flat level continuation and fakeouts
  • Pattern combos
  • One-bar pattern (triggerbars)
  • How to do multi-timeframe analysis
  • Elite day trading for Futures markets
  • Elita day trading for Stocks trading
  • Trading times and effort per day
  • Which asset class to trade?
  • How many instruments are optimal?
  • How to backtest and do deliberate practice?
  • Trading journal setup for day traders
  • Risk Management for day traders
  • Goal setting for optimal results
  • How to get funded quickly
  • How to scale up your trading business
  • Writing a trading plan
  • Daily routines for day traders
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual day trader routines
  • Trading psychology resources
  • Personal growth for day traders
  • Money mindset
  • How to trade for a living

Get access to our growing video library with various trade studies, chart breakdowns and detailed analyses of our past trades.

We upload our trade videos regularly and we explain step by step how we find the best trades and share our complete process.

What We Trade

The Elite Day Trading Strategy and Mentoring Program is made for Forex, Crypto, and CFD trading.

We show you how to master each market.


The Day Trading Strategy works for the Forex market.


Learn how to trade different Option and Future


And we show you how to profit from trading CFDs and commodities too.

Enroll Now!

Elite Day Trading Package:

What you will get:

Regular Price: $ 1299 USD

Special Offer Price: $ 799 USD *

Just pay one time.

* VAT will be applied to EU customers as per table below.

Live Trading Webinars

In our bi-weekly live trading webinars, you can directly interact with your day trading mentors (Rolf and Moritz).

Learn from their trades, look over their shoulders, ask questions, and get mentored by real traders.

Every webinar is recorded and you can watch all past webinars.

Learn From Our Trades

We regularly share trade recap videos where we record our thought processes before, during, and after our trades.

We break down our processes and explain how to find the best day trades every single day.

Benefit from our 25+ years of trading experience and accelerate your learning.

Get Mentored by Professionals

In our Elite Day Trading program, you get mentored directly by Rolf and Moritz. We don’t use other teachers or educators.

You will always be able to interact directly with your mentors.

We have been helping hundreds of traders over the years to become professional and profitable traders.

New Trading Videos Regularly

We are regularly adding new trading videos with more trade studies, advanced day trading strategy tips, risk management techniques for day traders, we explain how to master your emotions and mental game as day traders, and continuously help you grow as a day trader.



Trading on all display screens

Get Real Results

Our Elite Day Trading Program helps you improve your trading, stop losing, become consistently profitable, trade with confidence, and reach your trading goals.

Our proven strategies and mentoring program have been optimized to get you the best results.

What some of our past members have to say:

Become Profitable

The first step is helping our traders become consistently profitable so that they can generate an income from day trading week after week.

What our previous traders are saying:

“Pleased to say I’m making the move to full-time trading. Things finally started to click. Things have gone well enough that I’ve decided I am not returning to the day job and I have set up my own business for trading.”

Get Funded

Many of our traders have become funded traders and are trading money for other companies. Our day trading strategies are ideal if you want to get funded too.

What another trader says:

“Lots of goals were met. Mindset has gotten better. The process has gotten better. A LOT can happen in a year. My performance is very consistent with no large drawdowns.  I felt ready and passed the funding challenge.”

Before joining Tradeciety: Losing Trader

After joining Tradeciety: Winning Trader

Losing to Profitable

Our proven step-by-step process has helped many traders improve and stop losing money. We continuously improve our mentoring approach so that our members will get the best results in no time.

Full-Time Trader

Want to quit your job and trade full-time? No problem! Many of our members have made that jump and we are ready to also help you get there.

Enroll Now!

Elite Day Trading Package:

What you will get:

Regular Price: Rs12999 

Special Offer Price: Rs7999

Just pay one time.

* VAT will be applied to EU customers as per table below.

No Signals

We strictly do NOT provide any signals during the Elite day traders program. We also do not share any open positions.

Instead, we help you understand how to find the best trades yourself. Our goal is to enable traders to become self-sufficient and not rely on anyone else.

If you are after a signal service, this program is NOT for you.

If you want to become a truly profitable and professional trader – and learn the skills yourself, then we look forward to welcoming you to our mentoring program.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will learn much more than just regular patterns. With over 100 trade and chart studies, we will go very deep into the field of price action trading. At the end of the course, you will be able to correctly analyze and trade any price chart.

Our Elite program is for new and experienced traders alike.

For new traders, we help you get up to speed fast and learn the foundation. Then you are ready to dive into our advanced concepts.

For experienced traders, you can get started with our advanced day trading entries and concepts right away.

And if you need any personal assistance, we are always there to help you out. Just reach out in our chat room.

YES! After your purchase, you have lifetime access to our Elite Day Trader video strategy course.

You also get lifetime updates whenever a new strategy course video is released.


Access to our live chatroom and the webinars is limited to 2 years.

After 2 years, you can renew your chatroom and webinar access for only 8 USD per month.


Our step-by-step learning approach will ensure that also new traders will be ready to day trade with confidence and skill in a short amount of time.

And during our live webinars and in the chatroom, you can ask questions and get mentored directly.

We try our best to make the webinars accessible to as many people as possible from all the different time zones.

Every 2 weeks, we are holding a live Day Trading webinar. Times will change over time to accommodate different time zones.

However, every webinar is recorded and you can send in your questions and charts in advance.

Furthermore, in-between, we make sure to answer all upcoming questions and we regularly release new Q&A webinars.

In addition to that, we regularly provide new trade recap videos where we show you how we trade and explain our trades step by step.

You have lifetime access to the video course material and you receive free updates whenever a new video is released.

No problem.

Even if you can’t attend a webinar live, you can send in your questions, trades, and charts in advance and we will answer everything during the webinar.

And since every webinar is recorded you can watch everything on your own schedule, whenever you have time.

The Elite Day Trading strategy is traded on Forex, Crypto and CFD markets.

During the video course, we share plenty of trade examples for each market and we explain how to trade every market in the optimal way.

No. All you need is included in the Elite Day Trading program.

There are no additional fees or costs after signing up.

* Price inclusive GST

Disclaimer: The experience reports and comments shown constitute the personal experiences of our users. These are individual results that do not permit conclusions to be drawn about future developments. In particular, we make no claim that these are typical results that can be achieved by our users on a regular basis. Tradeciety can neither predict nor guarantee the occurrence of certain developments or the achievement of profits nor will it do so.

Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. There are inherent risks involved with investing and trading, including the loss of your investment. Any investment is at your own risk.




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